Living With Lag featuring Oculus Rift

This is a great ad campaign by a Swedish internet company which uses the Oculus Rift called Livingwithlag

It’s great to see this technology taking off and the technology being used outside of the gaming industry.


GE embracing Additive Manufacturing

One of the key benefits of additive manufacturing or 3D printing is it enables much more complex designs for manufacturing products.

A company which is really embracing these new technologies is GE who describes it as being ‘a game changer in making complex shapes for high performance’ manufacturing.

GE who are currently producing Leap jet engines have gained a lot of publicity about their use of 3D printers to develop complex fuel nozzles. It claims they will be lighter and more durable than before. Read more about it on

It’s great to see such a huge global manufacturing corporation embracing this new technology and really leading the way in innovative manufacturing.

An introduction to 3D Printing

ASTM International, a global organisation which develops and defines industries standards within manufacturing defines additive manufactuing or 3D printing as:

A process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies.”

Below is a flow chart taken from the Deloitte University Press which shows the process of creating an object in a 3D printer.

3d printing process

AM technologies are being in a range of different industries to create large-scale, medical and consumer products.

Here is a great example of the technology being used in the medical industry, to help create individually tailored prosthetics for US vetrans who have been injured in Iraq:

How Design Triggers Transformation

Bill Buxton of Microsoft spoke at a conference in collaboration with Frog about how design thinking methodology and the right attitude towards change and innovation will help businesses evolve and transform. A great watch and some interesting points that will be useful in our workshops about how this process can succeed, but more importantly, fail.


Drone Paintings by artist KATSU

Katsu, a New York based multi-media artist exhibited his work this week at the the first Silicon Valley Contemporary art fair held in San Jose, CA. The exhibit featured a series of paintings which were created using drones, accompanied by a video documenting the process .

According to The Hole, the gallery which exhibited the work, KATSU has been experimenting with drones to expand upon his work as a graffiti artist. By collaboration with friends working with software Arduinos and 3-D printers he has created a device which allows him to remotely guide the drone and control the mechanism which presses on the nozzle to release the paint.

His innovative adaptation of the drone has overcome physical barriers which face many graffiti artists, as he is now able to access heights and spaces which were previously unattainable. Although this development raises concerns for authorities as it may be used to illegally vandalise property, it’s an evidence of the endless potential new technology are providing innovative individuals.

The results are quite abstract as he describes in an interview with Vice’s Motherboard and provide an interesting example of humans and machines collaborating creatively.

‘It’s like 50 percent me having control and 50 percent the drone kind of like saying, ‘I need to turn this way to accomplish what you want, but still maintain myself so I don’t just fly into the wall and explode.’



DC4G, a company to watch

After doing some research into iBeacons and their implementation into the Australian retail industry, I have come across an Australian company which is leading the way in Mobile Integrated Retail. That company is DC4G.

They have been installing WiFi into shopping centres around Australia and in a recent article published on CNET are starting to explore the iBeacon technology and have started piloting it’s use in select shopping centres around Australia.

Read the full article from Claire Reilley here about their plans for this technology:

iBeacon brings home the iBacon on your mobile while you shop